Unlock the Potential of AI Chat for Your Business

Premium Chat Experience at Unbeatable Prices

Transform the way you connect with your customers using our state-of-the-art AI chat support. At just €20 per month, this investment in your customer service toolkit will pay dividends in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

First-Year Special Offer

Dive in with an annual subscription at a flat rate, encompassing comprehensive installation, bespoke training, and seamless integration with your business assets. We handle everything from your website nuances to your product catalog intricacies.

Transparent, Usage-Based Pricing

Our dynamic pricing model is tailored to fit businesses of all sizes:

  • Fast Response Models: Ideal for streamlined customer interactions.

  • High Computation Models: Best suited for in-depth queries and analytics.

Utilizing OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo, we offer a straightforward cost structure:

  • Input: $0.0010 per 1,000 tokens

  • Output: $0.0020 per 1,000 tokens

Real-World Pricing Example:

Imagine your restaurant's AI chat engages 1,000 customers monthly. If each chat averages 100 tokens, here's your cost breakdown:

  • 100,000 Tokens Used: (100 tokens/chat * 1,000 chats)

  • Input Cost: $0.10 (100,000 tokens / 1,000 * $0.0010)

  • Output Cost: $0.20 (100,000 tokens / 1,000 * $0.0020)

  • Total API Cost: Just $0.30 for 1,000 enriching customer interactions

Remarkable Return on Investment

This minor addition to your operating costs could revolutionize customer interactions, leading to increased sales and improved customer retention. Our AI chat is not just a service but an investment in your brand's future.

Seize the AI Advantage

Step into the future with our intelligent chat service today. For queries or a tailored quote, contact us at Let us empower you with an AI chat solution that's perfect for your business's unique needs.

Restaurant Menu

You can offer a complimentary intelligent chat menu to your restaurant customers. When they sit down at the table and scan a QR code, they can chat with the intelligent waiter-assistant. It can translate the menu into all languages, provide information about ingredients, offer recommendations, suggest dishes based on allergies, provide daily specials, and much more.

E-commerce and Other Businesses:

An intelligent chat based on your website or store, trained to answer all user inquiries, and attract new customers through the friendliness of our AI chats.

flat lay photography of a clipboard beside lighted candle and succulent
flat lay photography of a clipboard beside lighted candle and succulent
person holding cardboard box on table
person holding cardboard box on table